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As They Sleep Behind the Horizon

The last rays of the sun now lick the sky Like crimson dragons they fly Gathering at the horizon as darkness falls The barrier of light is broken The moon is rising again The dragons return to their lairs The man with thousand eyes Walks on the black m...

Divided Soul

I was told today My brain is sick Screwing with my mind He will kill me Nightmare! This is just not about me brother of mine, inside my head. Call me crazy, I'm several, but I'll soon wake up dead. I had a dream in the unknown, do I have a life on m...

Melhinis Death (A New Dawn pt1)

(Atardil:) Girith Fuin Deloth Band Melhíni gurth Orca Angcarch Wen dagnir Mor amarth Gilmir Aina elen (Orc:) Shakh mog throqu - Burzum-ishi Lat gimbug gakh - Albai Sha tab burgûli - Makatosh Thrakul u uliima - Obza lug (Atardil:) The shudderin...

Theatre of War

Dreams travel on unknown ground in a world of peril and tyrants I am the only living soul but a ghost is hiding behind every pale shadow created by the blood-red sky