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Born as devoted maiden, a virtuous blind virgin Fornicated, raped by her confessor Penetrated by her Guardian Angel Willing to taste Satan´s black semen (Libidinous sister) Apotheosis and ecstasy Impious supreme conjuration Dirty nymphomaniac 

Blood Libel

Barbaric rituals worshiping God An infant´s heart is the host A witch sodomized, 3 priests gathered Judges of the grotesque trial Caiaphas, Pilate, Annas Vicious God’s servants Caiaphas, Pilate, Annas Macabre Divinity Agonic cries in the night deso...

Caves of Doom

At the Navarre hills hidden in the Caves of Doom, Akelarre comes for God's defeat Invoked Spirits deeply in the mountains, unholy felatio, immorality Apostates gathered in heresy, rituals of ecstasy Sorginak Sorginak Urdax legions over the fields Chr...