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Don't Bring Me Down

A life so hard, where dreams die young And the song of love has never been sung I know just what you're thinking "I know just how you feel, A loser of the worst kind." Don't bring me down A little girl, lies raped and weeping Cries all night, never sl...

In Love with Love

Hey you, with a lonely heart Searching for love, with nowhere to start All alone, with a smiling face No mark to leave in history's place Hey little girl, is this real love you're feeling? is your heart pounding, Your heart reeling? Is what you're feeli...

Prejudice Day (Kerry's Song)

The night's so long, when you're all done and afraid Too young to fight, old enough to be brave A scream down stairs, another night of fear's begun All hell's rising, it's time to run... But you can't leave your mother alone This place might be hell, but...