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Sabrina Washington

Utwory wykonawcy:

Hit It Hard

Verse 1: You can take take take no matter which way Can't fake fake what I'm about to say I got time to work still time to play I don't play play game by the rules Tonight Imma party and break it loose I got the fire to blow your fuse. I won't play it safe no...

Letting It Go

I'm letting it go for tonight. she crossovered me what I know let me see the stroms come out be the good girl I wanna know. Chrous Letting go I'm so letting it go whatever she said to me you were letting us go droughts of stroms can't break myself free stori...

Lock Down

He's got me on locked down, My feet haven't touch the ground, I do like the way I feel. He's got me on locked down, my hands spend round and round, his love got hold ... If I see something I go and get it, They wonna make ...and regret it Yeah, his ho...


INTRO: Oh my gosh gosh, Oh oh oh my gosh gosh! Oh my gosh gosh, Oh oh oh oh oh my - VERSE 1: When my reception is gone, I don't turn off my phone! If you wasn't at home, Then where were you? Tell me, who's your new friends? I ain't never met them!...