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Ringo Deathstarr piosenki

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Imagine Hearts

Tambourine, the sun is in your wings Some other dream, mind dreams At your best and soon you'll lose your mind Summertime, two girls Know that summertime feeling When you see the colors in my dreams When you feel something And so, can't do that they'l...


Have you seen her? She's a kaleidoscope She can show you colors that no one knows Why did you run when I turned your eyes around? Got a crush on you, what can I do? I want you to send me a postcard from the rainbow Do you want to be my special someone?...

Other Things

So what if we don't have money We have some other things You know we've got each other babe And that's important thing I'll be right here to comfort you When you have to pay fines You are my special double And I'm your pretty mare Don't wanna live for...

Summer Time

Catch your rays California sun It shines like the eternal bond She was mine once upon a time She was mine everything was fine Summertime everywhere Summertime in your hair 

Tambourine Girl

Can you tell her tambourine girl something that I almost feel? You come to her with a secret, know that life is gonna dream It's alright, you and I will never understand the reasons why I don't care about the future when I've got no one around Beat me wi...

Two Girls

Heads float above the clouds How far will you go to cum? Eyes dream a smile of gold Have fun. Always load the gun Hands don't forget a touch How far will you go to cum? Hearts don't shoot alone Have fun. Always load the gun