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Racoon Racoon

Utwory wykonawcy:


Hey can't you see this little boy Trying to feel a little joy Crying in the dark Hey can't you hear this little girl Trying to build a better world Calling in the dark Can't you see my darling I can't take it anymore I need you my darling I can't stand...

Little Sparrow

Once again, you gonna drop me down Words for you are nothing but a sound Don’t you see you don’t fool anyone Your life to me is buried in the ground Never eat the apple in the garden, guilt and sadness run into your veins Never eat the apple in the garde...

Our Love's Funeral

I think I'm done with you I think I'm done with you I know you came for truth You know I came for you Spend too much time, now I think out loud I won't be falling on my knees to beg you I know you've crossed the line, you waited for a sign I won't be fall...

Young Wolves

I can't see the point Of what you're doing to me Crushing my whole world Stopping my heartbeat I can feel the pain But you don't feel the same I will be okay If I just fade away Don't you even realize that You have seen the last of me Goodbye honey...