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Rachelle Ann Go

Utwory wykonawcy:

Don't leave me alone

Why did I lose my head and love someone else instead Cause now he's gone and you're not here to wipe away my tears I had it all with you and now what am I to do I'd give the world to find a way to bring back yesterday I should have known how much you've cared...

I care

Lying in my bed I find it hard to sleep tonight Wondering if you're thinking of me too Though I try to close my eyes I'm filled with thoughts of you Even in my dreams there's none but you *Let me say it one more time The words are deep inside This heart...

It Wasn't Enough

We've been through a lot you and I All in the name of love Instead of finding paradise It's been a game of push and shove Sometimes in the morning we seem to get along so well But by the night,I wonder if you're friend or foe Coz I can't really tell and...