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Rachel Macwhirter

Utwory wykonawcy:

Cr1m1n4l, Cr1m1n4l

Well, what have we here? The accused sits and shakes with fear. You know how that makes me Makes me grin from ear to ear. Your lemony fear isn't all I can smell. You're not hiding your deceit very well. Tell us, you swindler! What drove you to such cr...

Hey Alice

Hey Alice, Where's your Wonderland Now that you're back on Earth? How does it look Now you've left it behind And crossed the stepping stones? Hey Alice, Is it greener here, Or does it seem like dirt? Does it feel the same? Can you say that you Are h...

Temporal Shenanigans

There's no need to justify the meaningless destruction. The voices always tell me that it's how I'm meant to function. Everything's in order, everything will come in time, just as long as I complete the tasks that are mine. When the time comes that you se...