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Rachel Lipsky

Utwory wykonawcy:

Addicted To The Rain

I'm so afraid that I'll miss missin' you That's why I haven't let you go Even though it hurts me so And like a flower that's lost all it's bloom I'm in pieces on the ground And as crazy as it sounds I've grown addicted to the rain Don't the wind make a...


I've been out here digging' a hole The madder I get the deeper I go And maybe you're thinkin' I'm a fool Well, maybe I'm diggin' this hole for you CHORUS I've got bones, to pick with you I should have known, you can't be true Me and the devil, we want...

I Feel A Sin Comin' On

I've been working like a dog with my nose to the grind If I don't loosen up these chains I'm gonna lose my mind I've been on the straight and narrow far too long Well, I'm headed downtown and the devil's taggin' 'long Lord have mercy, all my soul, I feel a...


Homemade stage outside of town Field full of farm kids comin' unwound Beer in the cooler, hooch in the jar Rockin' like a half acre roadhouse bar July pushin' up that mercury We're just doin' what comes naturally Gettin' Red Nekkid in the Georgia sun S...