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Rachel Ferguson

Utwory wykonawcy:


Joshua please pick up the phone, Answer me I know you're home, I'm bearing my soul on your machine (machine), Don't you know how hard its been (it's been), Are you alone now or are you with her, I've lost control everything is a blurr, And I'm sorry that you c...

Never Good Enough

Everybody said she was a winner Noone knew the secret kept within her Starving for perfection Hating her reflection She tries harder then the average teen An overachiver with low self-esteem Wants to walk like a star But she takes it too far She's never good...

Stronger Than You Think I Am

I can feel my heart beat through my chest And I tell myself it’s for the best As I pack my things into my car Don’t know where I’m going but I know it’s far Because honey, I’ve had enough of you And everything you’ve put me through There’s nothing you can say...

You're Not Alone

Hold my hand I'll walk you there Through the doors And up the stairs Take my hand We're almost there You're not alone You no I care You no I care Together We can make it through You no I'm here for you You no I'm here for you You're not alone W...