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Rachael Starr

Utwory wykonawcy:

Bleeding heart

We met for a moment and then it's goodbye but I just lived a lifetime with you in my mind what would it be to live in your world if you were my boy and I was your girl it's crazy this spell you have me under I know it can't be but I'll always wonder what wo...

Till There Was You

What can I do? I want you addicted to me.. What in the world is a girl to do? When in this smokey place I only see you Was far away when you caught my eye You've brought me back and now you're making me high I was alone out there, with no one else around No...

To Forever

I see you and you see me There's only one thing this could be I think you know just what I mean When I'm with you I feel so free And I love you And I hope you love me too And I need you And I hope you need me too Babe, I just hope that you know To n...