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7 O Clock

7 O"Clock Intro-Get Out Ohh Ya Ya Come On Wooo 1V-Well It Was 7 O Clock When She Let Me In She Said Tell Me Son What's Your Kind Of Thing I Go Wooo Hooo Ya Wooo Hooo Oh Ya 2V-Through Back Her Hair She Looked And Smiled Ya I Need Some Company For A Little Whi...

He'll Have to Go

Put your sweet lips a little closer to the phone. Let's pretend that we're together, all alone. I'll tell the man to turn the jukebox way down low, And you can tell your friend there with you he'll have to go. Whisper to me, tell me do you love me true, Or is...

Hey You

Jenny was a shy girl I gave her my love And everything she was dreaming of She don't want me that's alright Aint no reason no time to fight I caught you out no word of a lie See you walking with another guy All ya said and all ya done Oh baby, you did...

I Dont Love You Anymore

I Don't Love You Anymore Went To See Her Just This Mourning To See How The Child Might Be She Sat There Smokin All My Ciggerett's At A Table Set For Three I Could Of Cried I Could Of Cries...When She Said Chorus I Don't Love You Any More I Was Slade And Shown...