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Cry over spilled milk Where is your god ? Where is your law ? Does god start laughing... You... ??? Spilling blood across, the land killing for religion (for their beliefs, Do you kill on God's command ?) Next thing you know, they'll take thoughts away (I...

Antifake No.9

All right for you ! Can't help Alicia I wanna kill you and to look for freedom I fuck-on Friday !! Yeah, Number nine All right for you ! Can't take Alicia I wanna feel you and lsing people I fuck-on Friday !! Yeah. Silence... Violence... Fuck and mother bitc...

Last Time

In mortal fear I needed a heal Confused on my way Unsure what is the answere Ease me and soothe me Flower fade sooner or later Someday we flutter in the wind Most time we felt Appreciate it was real I was fool not to be it I was cool not to see it Forgive m...