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Queen Annes Revenge

Utwory wykonawcy:

Burning Statue

As she looks up at me I see the person she can be Lurking in the shadows Escaping to be free Her smile has washed away And her sadness lingers on Paint chipped and broken pieces A masterpiece gone wrong A masterpiece gone wrong I see her….scorched s...

Overcoming the Absence

The phone rings. I know it's you. My heart cries softly. Maybe...This time will be a time for love. I answer and find, more disapointment. But you won't break me this time. This time you will be silenced. Take heed to my words. 2x The chill of the winter...

The Darkest Part of Me

Pain, this constant struggle. My heart knows that I only live to let you down. My world is spinning faster by the second and this chaos is tearing me apart. I belong with you. Let me hear the sound of your voice. Let me….Heal me. Touch me. Hold my heart in you...

The Unbroken Promise of Love

Tonight I lye awake. Screaming confessions from the depths of this tortured soul. I've given into my mind. I've given into my body. But my heart, is begging for control. I wish only to be who I once was. This world I've constructed has breathed it's last. Ok s...