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[Verse 1: Quadeca] It’s that dream life, it’s like real life But it’s better If you’re real nice, then you’re really nice Want a million? Well, make a milli' twice, but however This is dangerous, you get amazing shit and All the strangest shit becomes th...


[Hook] Aye, when I walk up in the scene, I hear an orchestra Now everybody telling me I don't perform enough (Nah) My math teacher told me that I never be shit (What, aye, what?) And now I'm searched more then the quadratic formula (Aye, Aye) Aye, I got t...

Insecure (Ksi Diss Track)

[Intro] He's so insecure Nowhere to run Nowhere for more [Beat Switch] Nah sike fuck that shit, fuck that shit Turn up the fucking beat KSI, what the fuck are you talking about C'mon none of that fake shit in my diss tracks None of that, none of that...