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Qu Wan Ting

Utwory wykonawcy:

Best Plan

Pinyin Ta men shuo yi qie dou shi zui hao de an pai Jiu rang ai jiao wo xue hui ren nai Wo yuan yi cheng shou suo you jue wang yu ku nan Ru guo yi qie shi zui hao de an pai Zhi jian xia bing leng de jian pan gu du de cang bai Wei ruo zhu xin sui feng y...


When minutes become hours When days become years And I don't know where you are Color seems so dull without you Have we lost our minds? What have we done? But it all doesn't seem to matter anymore When you kissed me on that street I kissed you back Y...

Love Struck Me Down

I'm going back to the sunset strip A place I fell in love with a man I know I had to see him again So I drove a thousand miles in a day Fourteen hours seemed like a piece of cake Cause I know in the end the price was worth the fight There he was, stand...