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You'll never leave me
You need me in this life
You can't live without me
I own you
You belong to me
That's right, don't ever try to leave me
Because you can't
You can't do it
You know who I am

(Who are you? Tell em' your name*)

My name is Heroin I'm better than your medicine
I'll take your life and your soul if you let me in
There ain't a problem in this world that I can't fix
There ain't a pain that you have I can't help you deal with (X 2)

You need me you can't live without me inside you
Don't believe in negative press you've been lied to
I'm all you need in life you can't breathe without me
I'm your best friend, your lover and your family
I make you feel like you have supernatural power
I'm all you need and I'm just a brown powder
You'd steal from your own mother just to have me
Walk through the worst neighbourhoods just to grab me
Sitting in a corner putting me in a spoon
Anticipating the feeling you're gonna have soon
Burning me, turning me into liquid form
It's a great habit what's you wanna keep it for
You look at you, you're trembling putting me in a seringe
You're pocking your skin you're trying to get me in
You shove it through your eyelids just to get me through your brain
The faster I can go there and ease your pain
In your vein I just slither like a venoms snake and it's great
I can't wait just to end your heartache
I slowly cross the blood brain barrier
Give birth to morpheme finds to open your receptors
You have a sensation; you're calling in a rush
The intensity because you had all my drugs
And the faster that I find to open your receptors
The more intense the rush is, it feels even better
You might have a warm blushing in your skin
Have a dry mouth or happiness in your limbs
You might be nauseous, vomit, have severe itches
But it's worth it nothing beats this here feeling

(Chorus X 3)

You got problems in your life I can help you through it
When you tried to dump me before but you couldn't do it
You had insomnia, muscle and bone pain
Worse than when you tried to leave my cousin named Cocaine
You were vomiting, restless, had cold flashes
It's just you and me no one knows you're an addict
You're psychically depending on me now. Don't you see that?
You would die without me in your life, believe that
I've infected your heart and clogged you veins
I have done sever damage to your veins
Because of me you'd had bacterial infections
A small price to pay that's the cost of my affection
The high is wearing of you're drowsy for a couple of hours
My affect have got your mental function all clouded
You heart rate drops you respiratory system slows
You're slowly fading as a victim of my overdose
You needed me but don't you see I don't need you
There's a lot of people in this world that need me too
I just used you like the stupid bitch you are
I left you dead in your own vomit on the kitchen floor
I didn't care about you; you're just a bitch to me
I know you cheated on me with your brother Ecstasy
We got my people to infect, you can't stop me
There's rehabs and clinics but people still can't drop me
I've been on a killing spree for decades now
There ain't nothing in this world that's gonna slow me down

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Yeah that's right
You can't stop me
I'm just gonna keep going
I'ma keep ending more lives, infecting more people
This ain't never gonna stop
Cause once you've had me, you can't live without me in your life
I will rule your whole world
You live for me
I own you

(Chorus X 2)

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