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Pyre of Ash piosenki

Utwory wykonawcy:

As Mist Unveils Monoliths

Ancient, this land is old A witness to eons of cold Marks in the snow Where those have tread before The rocks have seen so much Stones bare witness to life and death Whoever comes and goes Leaves a mark on this land Sons of some Daughters of...


The scars of this earth They beckon to me from afar A call I cannot ignore Words that touch my heart and soul Warnings from the past Of decay in the future A war with humanity begins With merciless disregard for Gaia 

Scattered Toward the Glens

So begun the grief Sorrow awake and asleep Struggling not to weep Fears of death appeared in me Away from this place I sought sanctuary Sick of solace I had a want for peace True and pure To be with he My anger and frustration Chaos ins...

The Swarming Rain

Battered Drenched Under clouds of grey Alone Afeard Behold nature's breath Behold the rain Blistering weather atop peaks of ice Cloud obscures any trace of light A thin film left across my eyes Blinded by nature's might Now rain cometh...