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Petra Mede & Måns Zelmerlöw Story of ESC / That's Eurovision tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

Tekst piosenki

[P] Maybe you wonder what is this wonderful Eurovision-Song-Contest thing?

[M] Let us try to explain it to you. The Eurovision is, uh…

[P] The Eurovision, The Eurovision, The Eurovision… Uh…! How would you describe it?

[M] Well… it’s…

A multinational competition,

With a collaborative mission,

So much like the Olympics, in a way.

[P] Sure it’s rather less athletic,

[M] Though just as energetic,

[P] More colorful and, what’s the word?

[M] Theatrical?

[P] We make music and friends with every nation

[B] And bankrupt the hosting TV station…

[M] To help to shore up

A post-war Europe,

In 1956 it all began.

[P] The set, I’m rather certain,

Was nothing but a curtain,

There were only seven countries and one cameraman.

[M] But then it started growing, now Australia’s ours.

[P] We’re a big black hole, sucking in all the stars.

[B] We’ll take over the world, and then conquer Mars!

That’s Eurovision!

[P] It’s an annual celebration of our culture,

It’s the highlight of our year.

[M] And a victory can sure catapult you,

Just look at my career!

[P] Yes, so we see,

You get to share the stage with me!

We’re all excited, the fans united

From Reykjavik, Riga and Rome.

[M] At Eurovision there’s no derision,

’Cause wherever you come from, here it’s home!

[F1] For loving Eurovision I get bullied at school,

[F2] But when we come together I don’t feel a fool,

[F1] ’Cause for one week a year we’re pretty cool!

[BF] That’s Eurovision!

[P] Getting votes from your neighbors is a sure way

To get your song disgraced.

[M] But when Sweden gets twelve points from Norway,

It’s clearly just good taste!

[P] That gimmicky factor, the wacky, the weird,

Céline on a tractor, Conchita’s beard,

Pirates and penguins and puppets on strings –

These are a few of my favorite things.

The singers come together,

Like songbirds of a feather,

For victory, they hope and pray and beg.

[M] We wait there in the Green Room,

But often rather mean room,

Wishing all of our competitors “break a leg”!

[P] The impact of the show, one cannot overstate,

[M] No matter where you go, it’s a source of debate,

[E] But it’s something you either love or hate.

That’s Eurovision!

[P] And the Interval Act is your one big chance

To fail to live up to River Dance!

Where else can you hear Romansh and Luxembourgish song?

We’ve had two songs with sign language and three in a made-up tongue!

Antillean Creole, Norwegian, Võro, Viennese,

Neapolitan, Catalan, Udmurt, Montenegrin and Maltese,

[M] Ancient Greek, Albanian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Romani, Russian, Romanian,

Crimean, Slovenian, Hebrew, Armenian, Arabic and Lithuanian,

[P] Portuguese, Macedonian, Breton, Estonian, Pontic, Icelandic, Croatian, Bulgarian,

Georgian, Italian, Bosnian, Latvian, Corsican, Serbian, German, Hungarian,

[B] Polish and English and Irish and Finnish and Swedish and Spanish and Dutch,

Samogitian and Turkish and Danish and French,

[P] Tahitian, though not very much,

[M] And though I don’t know Czech, Swahili, Azeri or Greek,

[E] Music is a language that we all know how to speak!

That’s Eurovision,

It’s your decision,

Though not taking part is the crime.

[M] Douze points or zero,

You’ll be a hero of our time!

[E] In the Eurovision family

We do it with glitz and glamour-ly,

’Cause rich in kitsch and hammily is best!

This is My-rovision

And His-rovision

And Her-rovision

And Your-rovision!

Bienvenue, välkomna, be our guest

At the Eurovision Song Contest!


[M] – Måns Zelmerlöw

[P] – Petra Mede

[B] – Both, Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede

[E] – Everybody on the stage

[F1] – Fan 1

[F2] – Fan 2

[BF] – Both Fans 

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