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P, Splurgeboys



Smart all because of my mother

If you put me in a category, make sure it's "other"

I ain't like these other rappers, I'm different

I don't approve of using words people used to use to make fun of my colour

While these other rappers are dissing and breading each other

I was paying the rent, looking after bills and my brother

Got my mum a four-bed, climbing the property ladder

What have you done for your mother? That's right, what

I'm smart all because of my mother

If you put me in a category, make sure it's "other"

I ain't like these other rappers, I'm different

I don't approve of using words people used to use to make fun of my colour

While these other rappers are dissing and breading each other

I was paying the rent, looking after bills and my brother

Got my mum a four-bed, climbing the property ladder

What have you done for your mother? That's right, nada

Bass thicker than Dumb & Dumber

Sixteen lines, popping, I need another number

"I'm an original, I know where I'm from"

OK, so why you pronouncing 100 as "one hunna"?

That shit makes my soul suffer

Baller [?] you're a toe punter

Same game but famous for different reasons

I'm pitching in the field, this motherfucker's a home runner

All my enemies screaming that there's a storm coming

Tell 'em I said lightning ain't shit if there's no thunder

Bet me what? You're no punter with no hunger

You're no hunter, you're full of bogey, you nose runner

I flow cold all year cause I don't know summer

I know my lines when it comes to clashing, I'm no fluffer

I'm in stitches, these bitches claiming they don't need a father

So why they tryna holla and tryna know papa?

I know about your haters, my brudda

A real bredda clocks them all when he's on the come-up

Wreck my house and I'll wreck yours by taking your lover

I'll be screaming hubba hubba hubba if she's a stunner

I ain't as skinny as I used to be, I got the belly now

So Mr Chubba Chubbs giving her the chubba chubba

Met her at 3, I was ready to go and stunt with the stunner

Made the move at 3:16, stunning the stunner

There you go again acting like Mr Lover Lover

"Yeah, but Mr, I really love her, love her"

Claiming you love each other but she's undercover

With another lover and she's about to reach for another rubber

I ain't gonna lie, I think we were made for each other

Cause she's a sucker for love and I fucking love a sucker

Come on, how's she gonna reach for another rubber?

And that's your baby mama, ahh, I'm a motherfucker

You wanna beef me now, motherfucker?

I'm upfront, don't front cause I'll snuff a bluffer

I've had weapons and I ain't afraid to touch another

Mack Daddy cross your back and it go papapapa


Breading ain't me, I've had enough of butter

I don't jam with these Marmites, blud, I'd rather suffer

I'm the same P Money but myself is tougher

And you're all complacent

I don't think none of you wanna be in this altercation

You wake up where I torture patients and I bored a pagan

In front of a man with black gloves, a sword, a mask [?]

Made you think he was really Caucasian

I might let you go just so I could make a statement

But you'll go to the feds and snitch on your bloody statement

I'll probably kill you by accident out of frustration

Motherfucker I'm P

24/7 round the clock, that's P

No name, just a letter, motherfucker, that's P

24/7 round the clock, that's P

No name, just a letter, motherfucker, that's P

24/7 round the clock, that's P

No name, just a letter, motherfucker

If you want it you can get it

But be careful when you get it

It's like a bug and if you get it

Gonna have to call the medic, I'm P


Turn up, turn up, turn up, turn up, mad


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