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He enters the room, tall, dark

The chatter dies in the audience

As he approaches the podium

Silence sweeps, they lay in wait

Too stupid to think for themselves

The need his words to ease their souls

So still, they wait with baited breath

For words to lead them to salvation

Worse than any nightmare

Is the reality of life?

The undeniable truth

That won't go away

Some won't trust their hearts

To feel the way

But when it's done

They'll fade

I will burn for my sins

Burn for my greed

I will burn for my contempt

Burn for what I don't believe

Worse than any nightmare

Is the reality of life?

The undeniable truth

That won't go away

You are force-fed so many lies

Should I take it, shouldn't I, shouldn't I

Raping everything that makes me different

Killing all the things that makes you, you.

You are force fed so many lies

Can't you see the blind leading the blind?

Take everything at face value

Don't dare to question their word

I'm not trying to criticise you faith

I just think you're taking it the wrong way

Its just logic we learn from our mistakes

Where are your choices taking you?

Look up to the liar

Take his words as truths

Not worthy of free thought

Once again silence sweeps

100 sheep sitting in a row

Fear of reprisal keeps them in line

Can't they just be trusted?

Familiarity breeds contempt

Death escapes the nightmare

But is the fear itself

The unescapable truth

You can't run away

You are force fed so many lies

Can't you see the blind leading the blind?

Take everything at face value

Don't dare to question their word 

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