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Blinded by Faith

Here we are again Back where we started Nothing will ever change I won't let go of my hate My rage consumes me The anger grows within No matter how I try I cannot make you see You're so fucking blind Ignore what you don't like Go ahead an...

Reflection in the Blade

Beneath a perfect sky The sun begins to fade I cover up my eyes So nothing seems so grey After the rain I thought that I Could face another day But in the depth of my denial I feel the brightness stray Reflection in the blade The face of my...

Silence Sweeps

He enters the room, tall, dark The chatter dies in the audience As he approaches the podium Silence sweeps, they lay in wait Too stupid to think for themselves The need his words to ease their souls So still, they wait with baited breath For wor...

Spare Your Pity

I thought I could rely on you To be a pillar of strength I thought we were the same And that we would always be together One mistake was never a lack of trust And twice you stood on me And every time I turned around You stabbed me in the back...