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O Wretched Man piosenki

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Awaken the Warrior

Awaken the warrior. O you who slumber. Prepare for battle. Slay the enemy. Take no prisoners. Have no mercy. They will not succeed. We shall overcome. This is war! We’re fighting demons the disembodied Nephlim, Spiritual warfare in the realm of the unse...

Blood Washed Bride

We all feel empty and need to fill the space. In the starving void where nothing satisfies. It’s the hollow in the center, the home of all desire Desolate and broken, longing for consummation. We need warmth. We need your fire. Void inside broken by desi...

The Decomposing Shrine

I am the created - Made from dust of earth I am the chosen - Elected before birth I am the temple - Housing the Divine I am the vessel - The decomposing shrine I have died, buried ‘neath the waters Only to be born again a new creation Dead to the world,...