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Break the Spirit

The plough prepares the field for corn; in time it is overgrown with grass or thorn. Who long has rested cannot run apace; the shattered horse is hindermost in the race. The boat consumes and lives in every rim; when on long beaten it ceases to swim. I came as...

Mad Rush

I am greater, and born to greater things, than to become the bondslave of my own body. I have been wandering through strange paths; there were no hangmen; everyone was an executioner. Take all shapes and escape. Hang there like fruit on my soul. Hang there unt...

Nerves of the Spirit

Nerves of the Spirit Ebb channels roar and deep streams in silence run. Small woes have words but mighty cares have none. Terrible stillness. The sudden change from deathly silence to deafening noise, and from darkness to visionary brightness. A bird whose vo...

Red Flux

This is my body and there is no remedy. Spill blood and war; break law custom breaker. Disorder. Rage. Discord. The steps where he stares from an unwanted host. Disorder. Disrepair. Rage and discord, horror and spoil, ruin and cruelty. The bloody steps of his...