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Voices In the Halls

I can taste your lemonade Bittersweet like every summer fling And keeping up with all your stories Talking to your ghost when I'm asleep No you're never really dead to me Maybe that's the mystery of us I use to think when you were gone I would still he...


I found my love, it was just last week She really had me turnin on I fight for hours just to try and speak to my babe I was the only one don't you know how it feels to get days and months and years trapped inside a waking dream I bet ya you and I could sit bac...

Your Surrender

I got close To your skin While you were sleeping I taste the Salt on Your hands I reached out To touch you The morning light disarms you Won't you let me In? Chorus Ohhhhhhh How long till your surrender? Ohhhhhhh How long till your Surrender?...