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Mirthless Laugh of the Night Spirit

Corrupt with hatred, a servant of judgement A tormented mind is poisoned with disdain Glaring upon endless streams of wasted flesh The waters of Acheron flow on earth in vain Obsession and delusion, refuge from my sorrow A cure amongst the plague of life...

Stygian Temple

Curtains of oak under a black sky Mesmerized am I in your lightless beauty Shine not do those stars reigning radiant across heavens old Engulfed in the silence of those towering gnarled pillars Whose canopies obscure the moon’s dim luminance I am as one w...

Temptation's Duress

Of what you may see beyond those shining gates Conceals within, the daggers of temptation Outstretched in submission before the altar of thy dreams You wield the sanctity of fortitude to endure Coveted image of fate torn by grasping black hands of forces...

Withering Grasp of Atrophy

Behold the radiant claws of dawn sink into the night’s frail majesty Carnivorously tearing youths to shriveled husks of incoherence Night devours twilight as senses wane under a cloak of frigid shadows Awaking anew as the spark is drained from my eyes My...