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Grande Grimoire

Contents of bewitchment Unopened for centuries The crusted dust breaks While instantly you persue Intrigued by passages That renew its magik Ancient commands now reach havoc Spellbook embraces your mind Temptation not hard to find You heed t...

Lament Configuration

Unlock the gates to hell With the cube of tears Souls of damnation Lust for your flesh Pleasure and pain Together as one Exceed the limits of imagination Hooks impaling your flesh You lie dismembered Mangled organs rot Drowning in your blood Skin g...

Taste of the Grave

Walk through fog The mist quite thick Feels cold but warm to my soul Rows of lifeless corpses lie below For no one can hear Their muffled cries Taste of the grave Rest upon soil Within holds many mysteries Cheated by mortality Fucked forever by rea...

The Destroyer

Cast the spell Set the demigod free The next one for me Tear his prey apart Never ending hunger Vaprak, the deity The destroyer spills blood for me Chaotic evil at his hand The humanoid rules the land 

The Oracle

Place your hands on the oracle of Ouija Wait for the spirit to rise and give to you The answers that you demand From the soul so black Does he speak the truth Or tell tales to watch you suffer Is it a demon or angel Or is it the dark lord himself The...

Thy Future Forecast

Only to see the future is all that is asked Inspecting the lines and crevices Of the hands that bear the facts Nominate my soul For self-understanding will be the task Picking the cards that soon will tell Good, bad, life or death will show But only I...

Winter Solstice

Within the misty late year's forestIn times when slouds and trees stand emptyNine thousand wolves are gathered in the snowTo raise a long and greyish howl.Ebony black the earth went into the nightRe-awoken, covered now in silver whiteSoftly veiled by sparking...