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Mist of Nihil piosenki

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Buried Laments

In the dawn of the world A great city thrived Built by wiser hands A blessed everlasting realm Ruling the greatest halls of stone The ancestral holds Wrestled the fruits of the rock To compare themselves with gods A grand temple they planned To touch the hea...

Days of Wrath

The wounds I bear Are not from foe But from a friend He was my brother He stabbed a dagger in my back Left me die in the mud Weapon slipped from hand Thoughts faded away Betrayal the worst sin of them all A coward, With treachery only, wins his wars A horn t...

Light the Fire

Joy lasts brief moments Sadness for life I feel so empty A hole inside My soul is aching Hanging from a thread Shall I take my leave And meet the dead? What is the meaning Of this pain I can’t find Spirit and body I must divide Injustice rules This rotten wor...