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Now my faith is stone blind,

There's not a sign,

In this hollow world of mine

But you're so refined

I don't blame you for leaving me behind

Your French books,

Your pale privileged looks

That schoolgirl stare

All the judgment you impair

We're called upon each day by a sun

We never doubt that it will come

We basked upon it's burning rays

Now I've never seen such dark days

I've got my quips

But you're just prayers upon my lips

That you won't return

With the ashes of others burned

To prove you were right,

that "lust is brave but loves a fight"

We're called upon each day by a sun

We never doubt if it will come

We basked upon its burning rays

Now I've never seen such dark days

Should I relent?

Is it love that we invent?

So we always look back,

On this weathered well worn track

We're called upon each day by a sun

We never doubt if it will come

We basked upon it's burning rays

Now I've never seen such dark days

Such Dark Days 

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