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Matt Walters

Utwory wykonawcy:

Dark Days

Caroline, Now my faith is stone blind, There's not a sign, In this hollow world of mine But you're so refined I don't blame you for leaving me behind Your French books, Your pale privileged looks That schoolgirl stare All the judgment you impair...

I knew your name

Contrary, To belief, I was weak when I looked your way. On the perfect night, In the moment in time, You stole me away. In the crowded room, I looked at you, But there was no light to bathe you in. I'm sure there was moonlight, That hued of the so...

I Would Die For You

He buried her heart still He buried her on her own By the cool ferns In the rained on river bed He took her in his arms He carried her ghost Through grey stone fields He could feel her float She said, “I would die for you “I would die for you” And...

Never Be Alone

Hands on the fire, feet in the snow He stand with his eyes, fixed on the show These tireless people,rush to their homes A darkness descends, on the streets That he know We're a ghost of God's vision that's somehow still unknown But You'll never be al...


So we came to pass Worlds, they fall apart Through every passing day We will find our place The chord that speaks your name The words we spoke in vain As the free air touches me| x2 All I feel is today| x3 

Years Ago

Those silver statues on the hill There's children playing up there still And the broken bottles on the train Almost bought you back again Those endless hours Summers drenched in gold It was Years Ago Like bulls running through the street Your father...