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Cold Sight

When thousand eyes look at my worldly shape They can't see nothing, flesh, limbs... nothing I am rejected from sight of simple humanity Forever to burn in my dreams, my dark tombs There's no sight at the end, or divine light of life Life... how precious...

Corruption of Flesh and Soul

The last rays of sun beating down the mud Creating powerful cover above my corpse Nothing to see, nothing to hear, just black Above me is the ground, but I am chained With chains of eternity and immortal life Flesh on my bones will never meet the root My...

Sacrifice the Source of Life

Devouring the flesh within inside of man Watching on strings of blood and nerves How going down and cracking under preasure Touch of evil and spell of sin in the temple... ... temple of fleshly pleasures and sorrow All that, burn in the cage of procreated...