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Macabre Operetta

Utwory wykonawcy:

...In the Name of Lust

Trough the sands of time they come Atrocious demons dressed in black Smell the stench that fills the room Satan gave them the power to rule ... in the name of lust Silence breaks at the sound of death Gutted dead my parts they spread Guts ripped open...

Lost in the Land of Buried Souls

Evil erruption, in the middle of the night Captured by the spirits, of black paradise Riding the black horses, straight to hell Holy ritual sacrifice, Satan wants your head Lost in the land of buried souls Refute your end, if you can Regain your soul,...

My Death (Fortells My Return)

Fear of an ancient curse Brought from far, from far away From there where no man can breathe From there where the evil creeps My death fortells my return Back at time, burned me alive In the night, I screamed and cried Burned my flesh but not my soul...