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A Call from Gods to God

Once I've seen the light. Once I've seem them fight. Once I've heard the call, a call from Gods to God. 

An Ode to Rhode

A historical inversion, led to total devastation. A false creation, from a mad imagination. With the "Ancients' proudness" and the strength of Darkness. There's a reason for someone, to gain the power to become The One. 

Hellas - Ode A / Ode B

Hellas... Alas, I gave thee my life. Then got it cut in half. why? I ask. Hellas... Alas, I'm seeking what once was. Blind I dub thy foolish eyes. 

In Memory...

In memory to those who have fought, those who have awaited and who have longed. The ones who have gone prior to their time. The Ancient One has arrived... In memory. 

The Perfect Sound of North vs. South

No vision, just a sound. No feeling, just a sound. No emotion, just a sound. No thinking, just a sound. No future, just a sound.