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Are you online

Are you online? Are you online? Are you online? I've been waiting for a sign Are you online? I've been waiting all the time I'm in the chat room so come and meet me soon I gotta get this message through I'm waiting for you In the morning the first thi...

Fire Burning

[Verse 1] I'm growing old while I'm young 'Cause I just can't ease my mind My body's sore, oh, I swore I wouldn't do this anymore I thought the pain was over now But it's back somehow I try to heal myself again But it's never the end [Pre-Chorus] Bu...

I Used to Cry

Looking down on me my apology it's not important I don't need love People come and go ugly faces show I'm not important I don't get hurt Well I used to cry and my father lied told me I'm strong broke his heart to know that I had to grow feeling...