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...at the End...

Born, of love maybe, it was a mistake and now? What to do next? I'm cynical. I haven't the courage to end it all. I do n't know how to change it. Born, a mistake of one night, stigma for life. Never fitting the requirements. Always standing out and always...

A Slave of the Faith

What is more harmful that any vice? Forceable sympathy with all the Unsuccessfuls and impotents - the Christianity Pray every day and obey the Lords God listens to you, He follows your every step Close your eyes, you can have whatever you want It doesn't...

Another and Another War

After the first attack the second one came, Unexpected, from behind. Victims of filthy political aims, Whose sacrifice eases the call for blood. The dead who guarantee the assent to another war, The others accused of the lack of patriotism The false prop...


Even the walls have ears Don't strive, they know everything anyway The loggings are fed The reams of records heap The ears listen. The eyes watch Whisperers have just changed their coats The noose around your neck straps and tightens the wheezing throat...

Blind Illusions

Killed without mercy, race or class? Blood by for what? Next revolution is repressed. Who will be sentenced now? 


Prejudices rooted very deep inside, Inside everything and everyone! Ingrained deep under the surface, Under the surface of everything and everyone! Gates are open, But more like in a bastard paradise With a cauterized stigma, Which one can't to wash awa...

Bombs and Death

God is dead, long live war Stripes and stars Bombs and death! A simplified equation Repetition of history Nation - empire - leader Incorrigible - in the line and ignorant Holy war Collapse of civilization Dead people Insane dictators 

Burn the Past Bridges

They say a few unimportant years in state's security, they say a few insignificant events in state's duty. Change dress, keep smiling, industriously in state's duty once more. With regime just died only your code name. Sneak's manners manage without prob...

Caste System

A caste system, the roles present. You can try but never rise from the filth. The predestined ones rule and you are just a piece of dung, fulfilling its role, a function in their system. The caste of the chosen ones. Silly, they tread you down deeper into...


You take me a choice, ...try me! Still you are speak what is good, mouth full of empty words. Fight for fight. Lifestyle? Spasm or pose? Like party purge. Still again. Search the enemy. Step from the headline is a mistake. 


Voluntary deference! Perhaps only our dreamed-up hopes? Only the idea of election chance exists. All the ways are just corrupted. Vote is vote Obvious discontent of all around So why every time with a voting paper in our hands? 

False Crucify

Nails of the truth through our hands, patch on your false morals! False ideas for cover your feel of sin. Unfree oppressing, pressure by freedom! 


Overfilled with information... I await the final score Media know... what's the point? Not us So we gaze with our mouths open Fed with more and more new deceiving inventions 

Fur Farms

Many animals are still alive and struggling Desperately when workers flip them onto their Backs or hang them up by their legs or tails To skin them when workers on these farms begin To cut the skin and fur from an animals leg The free limbs kick and wrigh...

Greasy Machinery

Animals as a delicious food Or even as a kid stuff And if stops entertaining Just throw it away In the concentration camps for animals More and more flesh For hungry stomach And greasy chops Those streams of blood Don't mean anything to them 

Human Indifference

Degenerated brains, hateful views, they raise up their hands which demonstrate hate. Fanatical crowd murderous slogans. Subordinate to leader, fuckin' leader. It's a mistake, bane of humanity. The worst enemy is an indifference. Never again 

I Hate You!

Thanks for whiles of anxiety and hopeless, I already know a feelings of the suicide but my minds is free again. Although my pain will be forever. 

I Have to Hate

Rising aggressiveness towards the surrounding world. Dying of humanity. Constantly increasing hate! Helplessness and madness. Hate towards the colour of skin. Hate towards money. Hate towards nationalities. Hate amongst us. Wars, perplexing religions, po...

I Listen...

I listen to words about war. About bad dictators, about good dictators. A collision that leads to destruction of human lives. A big bang of two civilizations. The east and the west. The live and the dead. Replace the six-pointed star with a crescent. Spi...

In Modern Age Trap!

Last bit of your mind, regularly and firstly rate rinsed out, affected by mammon and modern society, fancy dress and faster smart car, ticket into the limited-edition world. Even bigger and bigger trolley in your favorite supermarket, More and more sale...