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Loopy Ice (Feat. Young West) tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

Tekst piosenki

Ice at my wrist

Ice she my hoe

BBC that shit

She be on my gold

All I do is skate

Skatin on a space

Two cups we pourin

Errthing I got foreign

Young passin that 40

Cook n mix it we pour

Cook n mix it we pour

Cook n mix it we pour

All I do is flex

Flexin and I fade

Cook n mix it we pour

Cook n mix it we pour

Downtown we wylin

Sippin some we go party

No I don’t need nobody

Brand new Js

Brand new Grillz

Brand new pills

Ice ice ice ice nice

2nd round

we goin up all night

I just met another

hoe from Seoul

Down to fuck

Bitch she down to fuck

She love my wangs too

Not even fans dude

She knows some gangs too

Go get your rain boots

Cuz we mkit rain heavy

Wait bitch my money

bag too heavy

Put this shit on

fuckin radio

She like my money

long no Uzi

Gettin her head

in the jacuzzi

I got no feelings so icy

Ice at my wrist

Ice she my hoe

BBC that shit

She be on my gold

All I do is skate

Skatin on a space

Two cups we pourin

Errthing I got foreign

Young passin that 40

Cook n mix it we pour

Cook n mix it we pour

Cook n mix it we pour

All I do is flex

Flexin and I fade

Cook n mix it we pour

Cook n mix it we pour

pour Oh I

Feel my cup with ice

My life a movie bitch

call me spike

Roll it roll it roll it

jaba dollyeo dice

I cop it fuck the price

Hoe I’m talking life

jongi mareun malgo mareo jongi

Low key I tell her bitch

bring me more green

Know me

oh I keep it so clean

Hoe please

chakhage malhae nan

hoe please

ya ya ya ya

ya ya ya ya

bisbangul nae logo

waseo jjigeo photo

1000eul sseossji Soho

eojebameun Tokyo

She givin me sushi

nae heorien Gucci 

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