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To paint the deserts blue and grey with songs of open roads to write dramatic scenes for a stage beneath the eyelid to make the moments pause to freeze them for a while with counterpoints of dreams... when night and day unite the secret tunes...

Footprints of Angels

When you walked through that door I was left with all (that) you were With your words echoing In the shade of all yesterdays gone by In between was and be Lies a void filled with rain And these ghosts all around Playing scenes that will never be When...


Walk with me down to the water's edge where the mirrors lie and wait... this feeling speaks with the quiet flutes of fall, that disturb the sleep of sunken images, the memory of voices in abandoned rooms, it breathes darkly through a lonely man,...

The Val'Paraiso Dreaming

After the colours had flown from the washing of the rain much was taken and forlorn by the rhythm of the strain but through shifting sands of time and hours of regret in a light of great designs the river deep ran on... dream dream the line...