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Lil Ugly Mane piosenki

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Passion Sceptre/ Dert Mystery

I'm space station, I'm cold scab Steadily making my nose numb Bent thumbs dig back in my sockets Nothing worth seeing, I'd rather be dumb Side swipe, I'm infinite My infantry ready for centuries Pain and my ecstasy Intersect mentally covered in arms S...

Throw Dem Gunz

[Intro] Yeah motherfucker, Lil Ugly Mane in this bitch Comin' at ya with that real Let me put it down on all these hoes, ya heard me? Ay [Verse 1] Sewers to the slums where I'm from Yeah I'm gettin' dumb Yeah I'm feelin' numb when that herb fill up in...

Uneven Compromise

-Part I Corrupted by the darkness, now you fall into an endless sleep (x4) Enter my chamber you never will leave Festering bodies will cover the streets Satanic prophecies, Christian hypocrisy Bury me deep in the filth and disease Open my mind and then...