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Lil Cham Muse (Feat. Deletis, Julie Chabrol) tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

Tekst piosenki

Imma be ya muse (uh right)
neoreul wihae pojeureul chwihae
niga wonhadeon
geurimeul geuryeobwa uh nareul wihae
nan neoui Barbie yeah keep it steady
yeonggami dwaejulkke uh ladidadi
neol wihan Jazz classic or hiphopi.
dareun namjadeureun motgeondeuryeo nal gamhi
naeireumeun C.H.A.M
naegaboyeojulgeol gidaehaedodwae
we can fly like a G6, FM
ni gwie daego nan "can i call you my man"
art music love
naega julsuisseo niga wonha deon geot
seodureulgeo eobsi cheoncheonhi
cuz we working all night like a company

here and there everyday everywhere
i got your back i follow you like a backpack
here and there everyday everywhere
love, passion, art, music

we'll be alright

verse 2
naege saegeul iphyeojwo
deotchilhalsurok saekgameun gipeojyeo
nannoe bureul jipyeojwo
yeah i'm gonna keep it warm from ya head to toe
we can get high, ain't no K-pop star, we still so high
igeon maeilbam boineunge anya
bureul kkeumyeon boineun yagwang, geurae jalbwa
let me be ya muse, let me be yr everything that you can amuse
jigeum i sunganmaneun neowa na dul
ppuninikka mwodeun da haebojagu
nan neoui yeonggam, halmeoniui nampyeonmalgo.
chyeoda bogiman uh hajimalgo
mitgeurimeul geurigo mulgameul ppurigo
whatever you want cuz you know i can be ya


you can be ma piano
eojjeolttaen gita
hamonineun stereo
nan aegata
nan neoreul playhago
mellodil mandeureo
amuri saenggakhaebwado neon (neon)


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