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Life's Illusion piosenki

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Life betrayed me once again. One final action, one final wound Will bleed on my heart forever. One final sadness... One final step On the road of self-destruction. Don't try to help me now When I fall further in despair. Time has stopped... Days are fro...

Mirrors of Failure

Abandoned, without a hope To end this searing agony. Oppressed beneath the broken walls of glass. The sorrowful stream of my thoughts Is drowning beneath the blackest mirror surface. There is no time. no significance. Forever haunted by failure,Claimed b...

Trapped Within Nightmares

Madness. The moon stains the dusk. Locked within the womb of insanity, suffocated by corrupted red walls. I am trapped in dimension of agony. Detached from reality, lost in delusion. Echoes of dying screams filling my mind. No way out. No way out. Distant...