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Josie Cotton piosenki

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He Could Be The One

Yesterday I met a guy, the kind i dream about at night he said come on lets take a ride, and i said okay...yeah every movie major's really hip, he's hip uh huh he could be the one to come and steal my heart away (chorus) he could be the one...i like hi...

Johnny, Are You Queer

Johny what's the deal boy Is your love for real boy when the lights are low You never hold me close Now I saw you today boy Walking with them gay boys Now you hurt me so, now I gotta know, Johny are you queer? 'Cause when I see you dancing with y...

School Is In

One, Two, One, two, three, four I'm so glad that school is in An I can see my old classmates again I worked and slaved the summer through Doing all the things my mama told me to do I washed the dishes, I scrubbed the floor Taught me to love what I've beg...