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Joe Pringle piosenki

Utwory wykonawcy:

Best Day Ever

Wake up and smile Cause the sun's shining bright Pouring over your life Everything will be alright Walk out the door You're lighter than before Don't let feet touch the ground Go and spread it around Tell all your friends This is how fun begins Every...


VERSE 1 She jigsaw puzzles me Crayon colours me Blanks are there to be Filled And I feel the gravity Round her pulling me In and drawing me Up until PRECHORUS 1 I know I'd be All at sea without her By my side Incomplete without her And so I walk...

When You Feel The Most Alive

I see the memories slip away Into a violent sea of grey We were heavy we were hopeless I’m losing the fight I hear static fill my head With words that will remain unsaid They are heavy, they are hopeless I needed your light You go anywhere you want...