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Janne Schra piosenki

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I knew this time it would be different, I told you. I knew this time it would be different, I told you. Dancing home, Dancing home proving you wrong. I've been here before when I was still green. There was so much more I needed to see. Dancing home, Da...

Little Bamboo

Shaky hands and brittle bones Dressing up before the show The sequins of my dress are on the floor I know that you won't break so soon Strength is hiding in the roots I'm trying to find that too If only you knew I'm holding on to you Cause I've never...

One Day

No more tears, my heart is dry I don't laugh and I don't cry I don't think about you all the time But when I do - I wonder why You have to go out of my door And leave just like you did before I know I said that I was sure But rich men can't imag...

Speak Up

Apologize, compromise Stand in line, you're just fine Not hungry, or you might Allow yourself to speak up Speak up You're in control staying small Know it's right, black or white Simple dresses, not to tight Oh, you don't speak up Speak up Don't hi...