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Drown Together (feat. Thriving Ivory)

I got this sinking feeling Need to know if it was real It's pulling me down I'm treading water in the dark Let the tide tear me apart But I want in know Close your eyes and dive with me Lose your breath and we'll be free Down forever We'll d...

Heroes Tonight ft. Johnning

I’m walking alone, the streets are empty The only thing I can see is my own silhouette I’m getting stronger step by step The clock is ticking but there is no time for regrets I’ve been flying from town to town From London to Taiwan I’ve been all aro...

Together ft. Vivien

Your eyes, your smile Oh how I wish that you could be here now In this life, we are together and I still hope that you'll be mine forever Even though you're far away I still know we meet soon again We are, We are, We are Together Every time I think o...