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[Oh oh not yet not yet] [oh oh mmm yeah okay okay] [Verse 1] I got a call on my cell the other day get ready cuz there's gonna be a party gonna have fun, we're gonna kick it pick you up in, in thirty minutes but the thing is that i can see something's just no...

Love Don't Love

I coulda said yes but i didn't (but i didn't) cuz i knew true love wasn't in it (wasn't in it) could've given myself away but love don't love that way They said i don't know what i'm missin (what i'm missin) but my friends can't make my decisions (my decision...

Rock You Senseless

I gotta fast car Can we go for a ride Come on I'm gonna getcha this time Lay down All your troubles tonight 'Cuz I've found Something we gotta try You and I (Chorus) (Chorus) It's crazy Good And all I wanna do is rock you senseless (rock you sens...