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Jade (제이드) piosenki

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Body lifting floating high Spinning flashing blinking mind Whole world spinning round and round We float higher we don’t come down Tickling feeling growing fast Blinding shining flashing view Oh up and high I go But I feel down and low Now Take me o...

Is it ? (Feat. Brahny)

One last thing to do before Try to feel the way I feel One last thing to say before Do you feel the same about me I don’t think it’s love Just some other thing I don’t know its worth But I’m wanting you Could’ve been a change Could’ve been the same...

It’s over (Feat. Kim areum)

Hangul 보지 않아도 알잖아 점점 더 분명해진 모든 게 이미 모두 다 아는 결말 왜 자꾸 반복하니 말하지 않아도 전해지던 서로를 서로가 안아주던 그런거 기대하니 우린 멀어졌는데 날 아름답게 해 네게 멀어진 순간 더 빛이나 난 점점 걱정하니 no way 넌 알잖아...


Wandering around in my fantasies Everything is fading out slowly Falling into deep melancholy Swimming in my deepest memories Dreaming all by myself All the noise and lights fade out Tout retrecit et devient Rien que des petites poussieres Walking...