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Oh, Something's Quiet

Oh, Something's quiet now. Is it inside my head? As we're looking at the mirror together. Something's quiet now. mmmm. Oh, Something's silent now, cause i'm wearing your pants, and we're starring at the TV together. Something's silent now. mmmm. Oh,...

Satly Air

Finally, This city shines above me, A golden shine, Kissing your burnt skin, Kissing your burnt skin. Quietly, This afternoon got endless. It’s the sweetest sound - of you turning a page beside me, And then there is no story, No, no. Quite a way,...

This City Means No Love

April went by, Still wasting my time. Saving all I have for you, You make me feel home, You make me feel right, You make me feel, I guess. Staring at the walls, packing all I have, Sending my goodbyes again (some things never change). Ooh, 'cause - th...