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Bomb Ass

Imma Imma pompin' chinesee Drinkin' Coca Cola Rockin' with Pepsi and some vodka Whiskey is your, champagne is mine So bitch you should really get out I got a bomb ass bomb ass bomb ass Freaky shoting up the shit now now So cool party I'm drinkin' all n...

Climb Down ft. TygazXX & T.I.

[Verse 1] Real niggas real niggas I'm gettin' kinda proud Fuck bitches cuz they FLAWLESS FLAWLESS... pop Your shit is not that, yeah yeah yeah woo Bitch your fault bitch your fault I donno' who ya think I AM?? Fabulous? Pretty? Fuck no... I piss on d...


Air in your lungs I feel failed Is this that dream capture? Oh baby I wish I could find you Cuz it's love that you like And I'm so elastic This power gives me air to breathe But it's imperfection oh oh Imperfectio... Ouh ouh It gives me everything...