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Ivi Adamou piosenki

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Call the police

I really messed up, couldn't see You hypnotised me, oh oh oh So damn hot on the floor You're hard to ignore, oh oh oh I have a boyfriend and he makes me love I never felt like this before If it's illegal to want you so bad I guess I am breaking the law...

La La Love

La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la love x2 Love the way you fill me up with life Baby we can break the speed of light Nothing to fear when you are near Just gimme more Reaching for the sky, I’m aiming high Close my eyes and then it’s almost like you...

Sose me (Lights On)

Ime pouthena Hathika protou se vro Kima s'ammoudia Na me perni sto vitho Ki onirevome ya mas San trelos na m'agapas Aftapati ise pia Fotia pou me kei Dos mou psihoula agapis Dos mou kati ligo tha 'his Sose me, sose me ap' tin katastrofi Dos mou o...

You don't belong here

Do you wanna lie with me tonight? Do you wanna stay here? Something that you have to justify, will you? Come morning? Do you think you’ll ever feel at home? Here with me, alone… You are the air I breathe, I swear Although you don’t belong here You are...