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My inner freedom giving me pleasure
I don't need to believe in any god
Phatalism and sceptism are not for me
So, you came in the wrong place

Time to time I'm introvert
I don't care about others lives...
You'll ask: "Am I senseless?"
But answer I cannot say to you...

And I don't care, I believe in my own
I feel my power day by day
And all of it because of you...

Inner comfort in my mind
Black line changes other line
Here is the minus, or here is the plus
State is changing very fast

I believe that you all tired
With your life from 8 to 5
Time to know what will be than...

If our world was not so cruel...
If your love was not so true...
I might split and kill myself
If I have some power left, with me. 

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